Back from Bowron

Trip Photos

Trip Thoughts

For me, the trip comprised itself of three main focal areas. The sights, the sounds, and the thoughts. As many already know the sights of Bowron are epic and majestic, from the lush undergrowth to the pristine beauty of the landscape, every minute I spent was in marvel. The sounds of Bowron took me by surprise. I’m ashamed to say that soundscapes slipped my mind from last summer until this trip, but Bowron brought back my appreciation for the blowing wind, the tweeting birds, and the wobbling waters. For me, the sounds of Bowron were equally as enjoyable as the sights, but most of all I enjoyed the time away with my thoughts. Everyone who spends any time disconnected knows a day or two give you time to breathe. But the week spent on Bowron gave me time to meditate on my thoughts. It allowed me to equalize my mind. After my week on the Bowron circuit, I believe more than ever that the way you perceive any given object, thought or situation dictates not only who you are, but also who you are not. The line that kept coming back to me throughout the week was a line from Shakespeare, “Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so”. You don’t have to be a poet to understand the incredible insight in this phrase. People and perception play hand in hand. The other thought I had time to address while I was away is that time is spent. You cannot do anything but spend time. In a day you have 24 hours, you can’t save them, you can’t hold them, you can only spend them. I wanted to make note of this because I think it’s vital to remind myself and others that you should spend your time doing what brings you happiness, share this time with those you cherish and be present with every moment. A moment is just a memory, and life is the sum of these moments. Make the most of your moments.

Notable Events

In the end, I’m back from Bowron, it was an inexplicable trip, spent with the wonderful company, blessed with the weather and the gift of life. After spending 6 days on the circuit the following notable events occurred:

  • Had steams almost every night.
  • Sailed the canoe down several lakes
  • Paddled 106km
  • Had a close encounter with a Grizzly in the marsh ( 3 meters away)
  • Jammed my Omi’s classical guitar every night

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