Banos, Ecuador

The moment I step off the bus, fresh air and clean streets filled my soul. But then it was straight to the hostel where I immediately met some great characters at the Great Backpackers Hostel.

I wasn’t long before I was deep into a conversation about the differences travelers noticed in people who don’t experience rugged travel. After my last journey to Europe, I realized I wanted to travel as much as possible… on my own terms. The perspectives I’ve gained from traveling abroad in my own style has brought more value to my being than any other experience. Travelling has allowed me to explore my boundaries, question the world and gain a deep understanding of conflicting perspectives.

There are way too many highlights from Banos… you simply just have to watch the videos, but here is the list:

  • Swing at the end of the world
  • Shock Therapy – hot/cold baths… Every night.
  • Waterfall bike ride
  • Diablo Waterfall Hike – standing behind the waterfall
  • Bicycle crash on the hwy → bike gear broke.
  • 1st outdoor rock climbing experience
  • Solo hike, right into the tropical rainstorm
  • Canyoning Day 1 – abseiling down waterfalls, experiencing a new sport.
  • Canyoning Day 2 – Off the grid – 14 waterfalls. World Cup of Canyoning Routes.

Lesson learned:

  • The difference between man versus man sports and man versus nature sports must be acknowledged as you grow up. Team sports are great for social development and being social, but man versus nature sports teach you the power of life’s forces.
  • Travel, like life, is what you make of it – it’s your choice whether you want to take risks, explore, discover, learn, and challenge societal boundaries or get comfortable, live vicariously, and living a ‘good’ life.

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