Berlin, Germany

Some highlights of my time in Berlin, Germany were:
– Communication Museum
– Berlin Free Walking Tour
– Jewish Memorial
– Berlin Wall

Berlin, where the east and west fought. But more importantly where European culture dates back to the enlightenment. I learnt so much from my week in Berlin about the city, the culture and what it means to be from Berlin. Beyond all the usual things one would love about Berlin I must say the telecommunication museum really amazed me. I am fascinated by the topic of communication technology and anything with the same information in it; and the Telecommunication museum in Berlin gave me exactly was I was looking for… a big picture history of the evolution of human communication. The other experience I wanted to write about was my time in Potsdamn, the town of royal palaces before Germany was Germany. For anyone visiting Berlin I highly recommend the tour to Potsdamn, the history of the town and the beauty of the palaces were phenomenal, the UNESCO world heritage site was not a disappointment.

Check out the YouTube video for more information, and feel free to browse the website 🙂

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