Bocas Del Toro, Panama

Two words explain Bocas Del Toro… Scuba diving.

5 days, 11 dives.

It wasn’t Bocas Del Toro that was special, it was my experience of swimming freely underwater that brought profound impact to my life. For those of you who’ve never been scuba diving, I envy you. One day you’ll experience this aqua world with a fresh perspective.

The highlights of my scuba diving experience were:

  • Night Diving
  • Seeing two sharks while wreck diving
  • Floating face up +10m under the water

The sensation of breathing underwater took time to get used to, but once I was comfortable with owning my breath and buoyancy, my spirit was set free.  

My girlfriend at the time, Jenn, was in zoology and it wasn’t until I submerged myself into the marine life world diving that I truly began to understand her fascination with all animals. Swimming freely underwater made it very clear why dolphins and other marine mammals play all day and left me curious what it would be underwater. The written word cannot capture how profound these 5 days were for me. Check out the second video if you want to hear it from me.

All I can say now is, fish do not know water, and birds do not know air. I challenge you to ‘think’ that humans do not know thoughts. For each species, their environments capture their existence before their existence captures them.

(Sorry for the lack of photos – my camera doesn’t do water)

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