Cartagena, Colombia

Smiles… that’s what welcomed me to Cartagena. 8 smiles from 8 amazing souls.

Kit, Jenny, Kaleb, Zac, Rya, Kyle, Gavin and Jared.

The trip to Cartagena wasn’t as ‘adventurous’ as some other destination, but what made Cartagena so special was the friendship and conversations I had with people who I still closely connect with.

Within minutes… no seconds of arriving the smiles turned to laughter as my friends told me they’d booked me a cruise north to the San Blas Island… that was NOT the plan. But their raw energy and charisma destroyed any hope of not joining these legends on a trip north.

The highlights from Cartagena were pretty numerous:

  • Friends, friends, friends…. Love you all!
  • Penthouse dinner competition
  • Surprise… trip change! Booking the San Blas Island tour
  • WORST sales pitch ever… ever.
  • Cuban cigars
  • Mud Baths

The lesson I learned from this wonderful place, is that friendships are priceless. If I had to highlight one friendship that forged a deeper bond than any in Cartagena it was with Kaleb (if you want to learn why – watch this video and those to come). That being said everyone else is ultra special to me too! Through thick and thin, true friends will be there. To call you on your shit, challenge you to adapt, and support you through tough life decisions – don’t ever forget that.

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