Cultural Mining is a Life Skill to Learn

Cultural Mining is a video that takes an unique approach when telling the story of what our society really operated like from a media and ideological perspective. This video speaks to the core purpose of this website. To spread quality information and provide insight into the world we live in today. Sure, I get it Instagram and Snapchat are cool ways to expressing yourself but don’t forget the bigger picture. The company like Facebook do something well, they provide users an experience to share “information”. I could speak on about Facebook at it’s brilliance and Mark Zuckerberg’s ability to create social change but that is beyond the point. This video is worth a watch because it will help you experience our modern culture through a lens that is unique. By looking at information online as culture and attempting to curate it we can create longer term change in the ways we perceive our information diets. I hope this video inspires you to be a part of this cultural mining experience.

The School of life

School of life is a YouTube channel a dear friend Blake shoed me. It took some adjustment time but eventually I started to find bits of information that has change my perspectives on many things. I have learnt and unlearnt many things through this channel and I recommend it highly! As with all YouTube channels the old is extraordinary, the new is relevant.

I hope you all enjoy this video! I encourage you to browse the website for another information you might find surprisingly informative and insightful. This website is for the public to gain a greater grasp of the information the web contains and hopefully inspires you to join the cultural mining movement. As data becomes overwhelming online, the bots attempt to serve a purpose; but remember they are bias to capital and sometimes a little human touch means all the difference. Keep it kaizen.

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