The Growing Presence of Polychronic Time


As our population, infrastructure, government and many other things evolve so do our lifestyles. This paper will discuss the growth in polychronic time in modern business. From research papers found in the Journal of Managerial Psychology and The Executive I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of polychronic time in business. I will also touch on the issue of clashing times, as the traditional monochronic businessman does business with the new breed of polychronic businessman. I will start the paper by introducing the concepts of monochronic and polychronic time. This is be followed by a positive example of how polychronic time is used effectively as well as a negative example. After the example, I will discuss the problems and benefits of polychronic time caused in the business world. Lastly I will discuss the pros and cons of a “multi-chronic” workplace, where both monochronic and polychronic work together to achieve goals and tasks.

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