The Yacht Week, Croatia

After spending 5 weeks in Croatia last summer I had a few things to say about my experience, everything from my time spent as a Media intern with The Yacht Week to the scooter adventures across the islands and the quiet time spent in the small towns.

The Yacht Week Internship

My media internship with The Yacht Week was a great experience. Although it was unpaid, you’re giving a weekly allowance to cover any food costs for meals they didn’t provide and all your accommodations were provided as well. For the accommodation, the Yacht Week gives the interns an apartment in Split, Hvar and Vis where all the interns sleep. This was a highlight of my experience because it submerged us in the Croatia culture. This gave me time to feel slightly apart of the towns and to settle into a pattern of socializing and sleeping. As for what the interns responsibilities are it differs per position, but every intern is responsible to act as a host to the daily parties and to inform all the guests on a daily basis what the party schedule is. This part of the job is like being a volunteer at a music festival or fundraiser. As for the my specific role as a Media Intern, my role was to oversee the in field coordinator of photographers, videographers, DJs and bloggers. I was given a cell phone to coordinator with the media manager who came in field from time to time. Over the course of my internship I got a chance to know the photographers, DJs, bloggers and film crews who came on a weekly basis. I spent most of time during the parties keeping the DJs happy and making sure the photographer were actually taking photos, other than that I chatted with the amazing guests and skippers listening to their wonderful stories of their adventures abroad. All that being said, the best part for me was getting to see how the Yacht Weeks media team continually produced wicked content week in week out and utilise social media to create a global travel brand that brought guests from all over the globe to enjoy the festives, warm weather and beautiful coastline together.

Here is a video Sam Evans, one of the videographers/photographers and a friend I made in Croatia, put together after his time at The Yacht Week.

Here is a blog post from my friend Mollie, a travel blogger and friend of mine. Click here to check out her blog post and more travel related content she posts consistently on


Hvar was one town I got a chance to spend multiple weeks in. The town basically revolves around the pier/boardwalk. The town has the feel of an old pirate town mixed with modern mega yacht. The things I liked most about Hvar was the small size that allowed tourists to see the whole town in a day and even get a chance to explore the island with scooter rentals. Hvar also has numerous tiny streets and quaint buildings giving visitors the ability to walk aimlessly for an afternoon getting lost in an old world.


Vis was my favourite island I visited in Croatia. Its distance from mainland Croatia gave it an even more relaxing vibe that you could feel when talking to the locals. The island had two main towns are either side of the island both with small boardwalks filled with small restaurants and cafes. My fondest memories of Vis where the having dinner at the Fort and touring the island on scooters, both of which I was fortunate enough to do with my fellow Yacht Week Interns. The old Fort was refurbished into a restaurant and club, a perfect place for a wedding reception that looked out into the beautiful Croatia sea and down towards the town. As for the scooter rentals, the whole island was filled with little beaches and curving roads. It is the perfect way for those looking to spend a day exploring the small island, cruising the open road and letting your hair down. The road were mostly empty but the scenery across the whole island was beautiful. Overall Vis was a rural island with beautiful scenery and phenomenal weather. The perfect vacation spot if you’re looking to escape the rushes of everyday life and explore true Croatia waters.


Split was the largest Croatian town I visited, its boardwalk was extremely touristy and the city itself didn’t have much to offer another than ferries off to the distant islands. My favourite part of Split was spent the days before my internship began at the distance beaches the locals went to at the far end of town. It was here I became grateful that I spent 5 weeks on the Croatian sea and not a mile inland. Overall, I didn’t really have a phenomenal time in Split and I wouldn’t recommend spending more than a day in the area. Splits main function is to act as a major port for Croatian tourism where tourist are caught spending a day of two there waiting for their ships to take them to the significantly more splendid seaside sights Croatia offers.



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