Hypernormalization by Adam Curtis Review

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We live in a world where the powerful deceive us..
We know they lie… they know we know lie… They don’t care…
We say we care, but we do nothing and nothing ever changes… its normal
Welcome to the post truth world.
– Adam Curtis

I caution you, not only is this a long documentary but it’s also quite troubling. As someone who has an interest for media, technology and politics this new documentary Hypernormalization by Adam Curtis speaks a scary truth. Well to be frank I don’t know if it’s true, but in essence that’s the problem. Governments across the globe have been losing power for nearly half a century as financial giants and capital continue to dictate our modern day. This documentary helps makes sense of why Trump won the election, why Arab springs unfolded the way it did and most importantly why we, the people, don’t have a clue whats actually happening in the world at a global scale. Sure we know global climate change is happening and that Facebook only shows us what we want, but the issue is we aren’t doing anything real about it. Even me writing this post is only making marginal impact on these issues because as Trump so proudly stated “the system is rigged”. The scary part is Trump, Putin and many other political powerhouses are doing nothing to change this because they are at the will of the financial markets who seek stability.

In consequence, areas of the world are designated for chaos, like the middle east, while other global areas live in a false reality. It’s false because our world isn’t stable, and never can be stable. The only two constants in our universe is change and the speed of light. You don’t see humans trying to change the speed of light so why are we trying to harness stability. Sure certain aspects of life can become stable like our food supply, if done properly, but that’s aside from my point. The system is broken and fixing it won’t be easy because for this massive issue to evaporate more chaos is inevitable. The only way I can explain this is by drawing comparison to forest fires. Large forest fires happen because small forest fires were not set, leaving vast amount of forests dry which eventually leads to one massive fire. Similarly, the small political issues that started years ago were never address and burnt off; as a result, the political system is just one large pile of dry dead wood waiting to set flame and burn us all. I guess that’s what we’ll have to accept with our hypernormal world.

That being said, it’s not all doom and gloom. I think people forget the power they have by acting. Not acting against or for this cause but acting in awareness. The more this message can spread, the more people will become aware of this state our modern age lives in. This stagnation and stability can be set free to adapt in a more natural way. Instead of allowing politicians to constantly change their images leaving us to guess what’s real and fake we can acknowledge the issues, question the “rigged system”, and begin to make sense of this chaotic world that surrounds us.

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