Lima, Peru

October 23rd, 2015… my first journey in South America started.

I won’t waste any time by saying when I arrived in Lima I had a plan… and no less than 10 hours later that entire plan was gone. Originally I set off with the intentions of making it to Antarctica. Unfortunately, my naive little mind forgot to fathom how large this continent truely is.

It wasn’t long after this realization I noticed I had lost my bank card… ½ safety lines gone… day 1. But I solved that problem after learning MasterCard could turn my credit card into a bank card. Mini-Miracle!

The true highlights from Lima were far and few between:

  • Great chat with a Canadian couple around abundance mentality versus scarcity mentally.
  • Surfing for the first time
  • Getting my ass kick with the reality of life. No Antarctica for me.

In the end, Lima was just a pitstop on the way to greater and grander adventures.

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