Mancora, Peru

I finally arrived in South American paradise. A hostel that consisted of several shacks on the beach and a platform that looked out into the vast ocean. The hostel was about 2 km north of Mancora which made for pleasurable walks into town most days.

Mancora, itself was a chill surf town on the Peruvian coast, with a local hostel that consisted of all the nightlife and some noticeably eccentric local markets.

The main highlights from Mancora were:

  • A flock of Pelicans that caught me surprise one morning
  • A litter of puppies at the hostel
  • Meeting Jack and Jo… they are two wonderful humans, friends, and adventurous souls
  • Trusting the local Tuktuk driver, even when it was against my instinct.

That last point leads me to a key lesson I learned in Mancora. Trust humans…. People aren’t out to get you all the time. Be optimistic about people’s intentions. In the end, few people actually want to inflict any harm on the world.

We’re all here to spread joy, be happy and create a world worth living in.  

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