You see 1000s of ads every day and you’re lost in a sea of bullshit… That’s why there is nothing flashy on this page. 

I’m just telling you what I do, and why.

I help businesses plan and execute marketing strategies that generate tangible results with a systematic approach.

So why should you trust me? I’m just some human, like you and everyone else…

But then again, we’re all unique…

Most of my knowledge comes from my experience working with my mentor – who built Tesla’s online marketing with Elon Musk, running a pro-bono marketing agency, running my own business, and living a genuine life full of curiosity. 

So I’m not going to beat around the bush, I am NOT going to write 100s of digital online marketing fluff pieces to convince you. I am NOT going to be giving you free marketing advice – I can’t…

If you want numbers here – as I said… nothing flashy:

  • Over $2.5 million in ad spend managed for over 150 clients.
  • Over 2000 email campaigns sent.
  • Over $10 million in revenue generated.

But I am going to make you an offer – I want to work with you 1-1. I’m looking to work with 2-3 kick-ass clients closely to implement scalable marketing system. That’s it.

I’m only offering my limited time and unique knowledge for 3 reasons:

  1. I want to share my expert knowledge with you.
  2. I hate seeing bullshit products and services thrive.
  3. I love bringing consciousness to capitalism.

Forget about brand image, brand awareness, brand strategy – if that’s all someone can help you with… SAY GOODBYE. A few bad reviews… the chaos of the internet… and your brand is beaten.

Marketing is about generating long-term revenue, capturing market share, and entering into new markets. I will help you use critical thinking, innovative systems, and STRATEGY – not some flashy marketing campaign to find success marketing online. 

It’s time to realize your business’ marketing strategies and systems will dictate your organization’s LONG-TERM success.


Facebook Advertising

Say you’re clicking “Boost Post”…

You’re trapped – everyday Facebook (and Instagram) prompts naive users to promote their page, boost posts and reach more people – but why?

There are 2 reasons…

#1 Organic Traffic is dying –

Facebook used free economics to build their platform, retain user and dominate the social media market. Since 2006 times have changed. Today Facebook promotes less and less user-generated organic content because businesses will pay top dollar for your attention.

And attention means money in this economy.

Working with more than $2.5 million advertising budget across 100s of accounts within Facebook’s Business Manager platform has shown me this reality, and taught me how to launch systematic campaigns effectivelysidenote: if you think the 2018 GDPR scandal is will bring back user-generated content – the tides haven’t changed too much, Facebook just found a weakness in government policies. 

So if you’re serious about getting marketing results in a systematic way, contact me – I’m only offering tangible genuine value for 2-3 clients.

#2 Facebook is a Publicly Traded Company – which means they want to maximize profits. Any feature that’s easy to use, gets you results, and takes your money is heaven for them… That’s why they added the “Boost Post” feature – to take your money.

Boosting posts works… sometimes – for tiny scale campaign… but if you want to HARNESS the true power of Facebook’s marketing platform you need knowledge and technical skill.

Don’t be fooled – Facebook is a sophisticated software with world-class algorithms, if you’re not careful most of your marketing efforts will be wasted, or at least underutilized.

That’s why I want to work 1-1 with you – I will help you HARNESS Facebook’s power, maximize your advertising budget, track results, and systemize your marketing.

Stop “Boosting Posts”…

And Start using Facebook properly.

Email Marketing

Ask your friend if email marketing works – they’ll say no…

Ask the marketers if email marketing works – we’ll say yes…

After generating 1000s of leads for 100s of clients, trust me it works. Everything I’ve learnt from my mentor – who built and ran Tesla’s online marketing with Elon Musk using Direct Access Marketing can be used in your business TODAY.

If you haven’t heard on Direct Access Marketing – it’s a classic marketing strategy that basically means marketing to an audience that has raised their hand. Similar to ‘Liking a Page’.

I can show you how to systematically integrate this powerful marketing strategy into your business’s daily operations – and get your venture sustainable results.

Business owners consistently under utilise email marketing. It’s a common problem… Businesses send too much or too little and NEVER track their results.  Honestly, it’s sad.. because businesses work so hard to gain a following and grow their customer base, then forget about their lists role in their business.

It’s time to realize that a business’s email list is their MOST VALUABLE marketing asset.

Think about it… today you can personalize emails – customize your messaging based on actions – and communicate all this with precise timing. AND it’s all automated! (Well mostly..)

Without a strong email marketing presence, money is being left on the table. Strategy, tracking, and planning are vital to a successful email marketing strategy.

Let me help you get started today!

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