Original Song. What We Call Life

This is my second song released.

I wrote this song in 2017. Recorded the song in 2018. The video footage was captured throughout my Central America journey in 2019.

This song explores the overcomplicated aspect of our lives. As life constantly continues, we forget that each individual only experiences a fraction of what we call ‘life’. It’s a simple song to remind ourselves to recognize this inevitable human cognitive error.

As mentioned before… the journey to creating music has been long, interrupted, and challenging. From the earliest days of playing recitals at Deep Cove Music, I knew making music held a special place in my life. But as the years passed, ice hockey absorbed my life and it wasn’t until I was 17 that playing music resurfaced casually in my life.

At this time the cringy campfire tunes started… Some friends heckled me, others said nothing. But I knew with time, effort, and courage something would surface eventually.

It wasn’t until 2017, I started taking music more ‘seriously’. I started jamming with my brother, and musical friends. Without their continual support, my journey with music would be drastically different.

I started recording my own rifts, and songs… with time I decided to start singing. None of this was easy. But now here I am, sharing my progress.

Take a moment to listen.


Full Lyrics

I don’t understand why
People lying with their own two eyes
What people don’t see
They don’t seem to believe

The wind may blow
The snow may fall
The stars might shine
Then we’d realize
Everything that’s seen
Is only a fraction of
Of what’s been
What we call life

I don’t understand, the human
Stomping their own two feet
Without any beat

The food may grow
The rain may fall
The sun might shine
Then we’d realize
Everything that’s seen
Is only a fraction
OF what’s been
What we call life

I don’t understand time
Locking up my mind
In the candlelight
Is where we’ll fight or flight

The hours may pass
The days may end
The season might change
Then we’d realize
everything that’s seen
Is only a fraction
Of what’s been
What we call life

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