Patagonia Asyen Region, Chile

I’m not writing anything about these adventures… If you want to hear the stories – look at the pictures, and watch the videos.

I have to break my process. I could spend a lifetime writing about Patagonia… as other people have.

Usually, this is my process: Watch Video – Take Notes – Gather Content – Write – Review – Publish.

Today I’m just leaving you the notes, and content.

Phase 1: Rio Tranquilo, Chile

  • Marble Caves, Millions of years to form. Look at the photos… (like above)
  • Climbing in Patagonia – saw a girl with climbing shoes in this tiny town… off I went.
  • Turning point northbound, Rio Tranquilo

Phase 2: Hitch Hiking | Queulate Park, Chile

  • Took the week offline, hitchhiked from Coyhaique to Bariloche.
  • Queulate Park – 300+ days of rain/cloud cover per year in the park’s micro-climate. I GOT SUN!!!! Watch the video below.
  • Hitch Hiking with Alfredo (Chilean backpacking for 2 years in Chile.) – Spent 2.5 days together.
  • Dump Truck to us 20km into nowhere – The next food source was +100km away. No cars (3 seen traveling southbound)
  • ROADKILL – Dead dear. 10min mark main video.
  • Took 1.5hr to roast over the fire.
  • Grounding experience – talking with a Chilean, sharing a meal – completely isolated.
  • Rural xenophobia (scared of outsiders) communities.
  • Villa Santa Lucia – devastated by glacier melt. another awe-striking experience.

Phase 3: Futaleufu, Chile

  • Tiny border town
  • Ever moment in the region was breathtaking. Life inspiring.
  • 2 days in Futaleufu, hiking local trails, enjoying local pastries and reflecting.

…. it’s been a lot.

Lessons Learnt:

– Everyone should hitch hike.
– Expect nothing, and accept everything.
– Get out of your comfort zone, and stay there.

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