Salento, Colombia

Salento Colombia is a small coffee town in south Colombia, home to the lost valley hike and the Cocora valley. The town itself didn’t have much going on, but the surrounding area had natural beauty written all over it.


After arriving late the first night, I spent the evening by the hostel campfire El Serena getting to know other local and international travelers, and making plans to hike the Cocora valley trail the next day. I was only there for 3 days.


The highlights of the trip where:

  • “Brunch” – Local eatery owned by Canadian
  • Jeep rides out-back to Cocora Valley on the bumper holding onto the roof basket (check out the video below)
  • The Cocora Valley hike: small suspended bridges, healthy lushes forests, and the 30m palm tree fields.
  • Casual coffee tour


The most notable chat I had was with Kaleb when we chatted about spending habits… at home versus abroad, the different experiences you can create in both situations and why it’s so important to explore the world.

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