San Augustin, Colombia

Another small town, more coffee, and more welcoming people. It wasn’t easy getting into this town 9 hours south of Salento tucked away in rural Colombia, but it was well worth the journey.

As Kaleb and I arrived at the hostel, we spent the morning perched on a patio overlooking the entire town. It was this time spent traveling with this legendary friend that made us “brother’s from another mother”.

The highlights from San Augustin were:

  • Ancient Inca Statue Tour
  • Making cocaine from scratch
  • High-speed horseback riding through the countryside
  • Spaghetti Bolognese – made by Italian friends

There is obviously a concern that making cocaine in a foreign country is dangerous, but then we must remind ourselves… life is dangerous – don’t let fear stop you from living. I share all these stories for 2 reasons: for myself, my friends and family to reflect on the journey I’ve taken, and to share stories not heard elsewhere.

My biggest lessons learned from this stop was learned while looking at the ancient Inca statues. The indigenous people of America (north and south) have wisdom they’ve been trying to share about our future. This is a friendly reminder that we should listen to the wise words from the past (not 100 years ago, but 100s of years ago). Sure they might have had some wacky shit in their cultures… SO DO WE –  but their level of cultural sophistication will always resonate with the true leaders of tomorrow who ground themselves in the present.

This marks the end of my 2015 South America trip – I made 1 last stop in Galapagos with my mother, but have decided that some things are best left undocumented.

My final words can be heard at the end of this video – experience the world, explore your soul, and engage with change.

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