Simple Modern Nuclear Energy Explanation


Kurgesagt 3 Part Series

Full Documentary

The following videos are all about nuclear power. This topic is something I’ve always found interesting because energy consumption in the modern day is rising globally. As more power is demanded globally new and old power sources are rely upon. the technology we use every day directly and the system that run all the interfaces we engage daily need power and I always think its important to keep an open mind and consider all energy options with equal breadth.

SciShow, in the video on your left, does a great job summarizing the argument for Thorium reactors. Thorium reactors are completely different than Uranium Reactors. Comparing the two would be like comparing McDonald’s burgers to your local fruit stand; sure both options are both convenient foods but their health benefits and environmental impacts are significantly different.

On your left is a three part series that Kurgesagt has kindly put together. This wonderful group of producers put together amazing content relatively frequently. I must say I like their older stuff more than the new doom and gloom stuff; but that’s just my opinion.

Lastly, i thought it would be good to attach a larger documentary those those of you who are find all the above information intriguing. This is a documentary by one of the main advocates who have revived the THORIUM nuclear engery movement.

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