Social Media and Modern Identity

After another semester of academic education, I finally share my most recent paper with you. It’s about identity and the role social media plays influencing us. People know social media is about perception. Sounds like hogis bogus nonsense, but I do believe understanding these concepts of identity formation could help many people gain a better understanding of themselves and others, myself included!

Those interested in learning more about this keep reading, and keep it kaizen. Those who can’t right now, come back and explore the role social media plays in your identity formation. In the end, I hope you all keep it kaizen and enjoy your time

Introduction to Identity

Some people share preferences, make similar choices, or share ideas, but in the end, each person is an individual. The focus on the individual grew from the Enlightenment and has gained continuous attention in media since. Throughout this period, discussions concerning self-identity have surfaced. This paper will illustrate the role media plays in the creation of individual identities. The paper will attempt to argue that Social Networking Sites (SNS) have fragmented and complicated the identity process of modern people, leading to social issues such as anxiety and depression. A Social Networking Site (SNS) is defined as an online service that allows individuals to construct profiles within a closed system, articulate a list of other users with whom they share a connection, and engage with their connections through media and discourse (Boyd & Ellison, 2008, p. 210). To begin, the paper will elaborate on modern ideas regarding identity and will discuss Hecht’s Communication Theory of Identity pertaining to Social Networking Sites (SNS). Hecht shares the stance with many scholars that identity is a process (Hecht, 1993, p. 78). Therefore, the paper will discuss how identity process occurs through SNS compared to traditional media. Furthermore, the paper will attempt to illustrate how modern youth navigate the identity process by engaging with fragmented media and will conclude with a discussion surrounding the impact SNS have on people’s identity.

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